Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Unity Linux is 2012 Alpha

The developers at the Unity Linux project are pleased to announce a new alpha snapshot of the upcoming 2012 release in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.  This release is the first in a while due to the fact that we have migrated all our repositories over to utilize the Mandriva ones.  Much work has gone on to make sure that Unity and Smart work with upstream repositories at Mandriva.
This ISO is based on Mandriva Cooker and we utilize our own repositories for packages not available upstream.  As we noted in our previous Alpha release in 2011…we are aiming to provide JEOS (Just Enough Operating System) to give users a core to build upon.  We’ve worked closely upstream with Mandriva to shrink down our ISO size and we’ve broken the 100MB barrier with this release which has a size of less than 100 MB.
This release comes in a command line only format (No X11) and can be installed with the command ‘cli-installer’.
Installation of a desktop environment can be accomplished by following the Unity Linux Getting Started Guide.


The 2012 alpha 1 brings the following to Unity Linux core ISO:
  • Kernel 3.2.7
  • Revamped cli-installer
  • GCC 4.6.3
  • RPM 5.4.4
  • mklivecd updated
  • Moved to Systemd
  • Overlayfs replaces aufs
  • Perl 5.14.2
  • Major DE and core updates as well as numerous package updates
Here’s what we’re working on for the full 2012 release:
  • Switch from GDM to LightDM [IN WORK]
  • Release a GUI version of Unity with Openbox [IN WORK]
The 2012 alpha 1 release is a snapshot release based on Mandriva Cooker. We have developed an in-house script (create-basesystem) to easily and reliably recreate snapshot ISOs of the Unity Linux package repository at anytime. The idea behind this is that using the create-basesystem script along with Unity metapackages one could easily recreate reliable and good branch ISO.  Using <BRANCHNAME>-desktop metapackages would allow distribution developers to MAINTAIN A SINGLE RPM SPEC file to create their entire distribution.  We aim to keep it simple.

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