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MEPIS Gnu/Linux

 MEPIS Linux

MEPIS LLC and MEPIS Linux were founded by industry veteran Warren Woodford in November 2002 to create a user-friendly Linux version that “just works” based on Debian Linux. The first release was in May 2003. In July 2006, MEPIS transitioned with the release of 6.0 from using Debian packages to using packages and repositories from Ubuntu 6.06LTS (“Dapper Drake”).
A major upgrade (6.5) came out in April 2007, introducing for the first time 64-bit and Mactel support. A few months later, anticapitalista, a member of the European MEPIS community, released his well-received antiX based on a MEPIS Linux core and optimized for old and low-spec computers.
In Version 7.0, released in December, 2007, MEPIS Linux switched its base to a combination of MEPIS packaged binaries, based on Debian and Ubuntu source code, combined with a Debian Stable OS core and extra packages from Debian package pools. As the developer explains: “By using the latest Debian and Ubuntu source code for building user applications, we can provide the best latest versions of the applications users want the most. And by building on top of a Debian Stable core, we can provide a release that has the stability and long life that users want.” The emergence of a Community Packaging Team has allowed users to remain current with application releases while retaining the signature stability.
MEPIS development continues to track Debian development. MEPIS 8.0 was released in February 2009 as “Lenny” became the new Debian Stable 5.0, and now MEPIS 8.5 integrates the KDE 4.3 desktop with that release.

MEPIS architect and developer

Warren Woodford has a deep background in the high-tech industry. He was involved in many projects before MEPIS, including developing a battlefield workstation, designing satellite ground stations, writing a 250,000 word electronic thesaurus, and creating the first stable Java debugger. He was also successful as a Java developer and a NeXT developer. Click here to read Warren's LinkedIn profile and learn about





Discover. . .


...new experiences

  • What it's like not to be concerned with viruses —at all.
  • How to deploy the same OS and software on multiple workstations without licensing fees.
  • Free software available for your expanding needs.
  • The pleasure and the power of being able to customize your own operating system.
  • A well-designed disk filesystem that supports your system's performance.

...the MEPIS Linux OS

  • MEPIS Linux was founded by industry veteran Warren Woodford in November 2002, wanting something that “just works.”
  • The first version was released May 2003 and soon broke into the Top 10 on Distrowatch.
  • Twin goals of the OS are stability and ease of use.
  • The rock solid base derives from Debian Stable.
  • Core development remains in Warren's hands, though members of the MEPIS Users Community contribute code as well.
  • A Community Repository allows users to enjoy the MEPIS stability without forsaking progress in applications.

...intriguing possibilities

  • More than one OS installed, so that you choose which you want when you boot.
  • A complete OS you can boot and run from a CD-ROM or USB stick without installation.
  • The ability to view and copy files from another OS, even if it won't boot up.
  • An easy method to use another OS, including Windows, in a virtual environment so you don't have to keep rebooting back and forth.


MEPIS Linux is desktop Linux the way you want it.
Easy to Try
  • Runs from Live-CD before you install
  • Automagically configures itself to your PC hardware
  • Boot the MEPIS CD and, in about one minute, you can be using Linux
Easy to Install
  • Easy installation wizard guides you through simple installation step-by-step
  • A disk partitioning tool with a familiar graphical interface helps you adjust disk space
  • MEPIS Linux is compatible with all versions of MS-WIndows
Easy to Use
  • Hundreds of software programs are preinstalled and fully configured to be ready to use
  • Thousands of additional specialized applications are available
  • The acclaimed package management system known as APT makes software download and installation painless
  • There's lots of help for you, ranging from the comprehensive and accessible Users Manual linked on the Desktop to specialized support for individual applications
Extra Features
  • The LiveCD also functions as a system repair and recovery disk
  • The CD image is compressed to provide over 1,900 software packages on one CD
Custom Linux
  • The unique nature of MEPIS Linux makes it an ideal foundation for developing a custom version of Linux for large scale deployment.
  • MEPIS is available to work with integrators and end user clients to develop privately branded and optimally tweaked Linux configurations.
  • For more information, click on the "Business Solutions" tab at the top of the page.

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