Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Arch Linux Distribution Release

Pierre Schmitz has announced the availability of a new installation CD/USB image for Arch Linux, version 2012.08.04:

The August snapshot of our live and install media comes with updated packages and the following changes on top of the previous ISO image:
  • GRUB 2.0 instead of the legacy 0.9 version is available.
  • The Installation Guide can be found at /root/install.txt.
  • ZSH with Grml's configuration is used as interactive shell to provide a user friendly and more convenient environment. This includes completion support for pacstrap, arch-chroot, pacman and most other tools.
  • The network daemon is started by default which will automatically setup your network if DHCP is available.
Note that all these changes only affect the live system and not the base system you install using pacstrap. The ISO image can be downloaded from our download page. The next snapshot is scheduled for September.


Another guiding principle of Arch Linux development is freedom. Users are not only permitted to make all decisions concerning system configuration, but also choose what their system will be.
By keeping the system simple, Arch Linux provides the freedom to make any choice about the system.
A freshly installed Arch Linux system contains only basic core components with no automatic configuration performed. Users are able to configure the system as they wish, from the shell. From the start of the installation procedure, every component of the system is 100% transparent and accessible for instant access, removal, or replacement by alternative components.
The large number of packages and build scripts in the various Arch Linux repositories also support freedom of choice, offering free and open source software for those who prefer it, as well as proprietary software packages, for those who embrace functionality over ideology. It is the user who chooses.
As Judd Vinet, the founder of the Arch Linux project said: "[Arch Linux] is what you make it."

Let us know what is your favor Gnu/Linux Distribution.  Please feel free to comment, Thanks.
Arch Linux 

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