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SuperX Gnu/Linux


SuperX is a computer operating system based on Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux, using KDE as its user interface. SuperX features an unique layout of the GUI, to make using SuperX as easy as a mobile phone. 

SuperX is a very small project compared to the giants dominating the OS market. SuperX Project is made of school and college going students and unlike other big corporations we do not charge anything for our software, we give it free both in price and freedom. Please help us to sustain by donating some money to the project. The money will be used for hosting of ISO's, repositories, and development of SuperX itself.
SuperX is a desktop-oriented computer operating system based on Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux, using the KDE desktop environment. It was originally developed in India by a teenager, Wrix who built it using free and open-source software. Today SuperX has many contributors most of them are in teenage and early 20s.
SuperX is highly modular and flexible with a desktop user interface especially designed with Linux beginners in mind. SuperX consists of a Linux kernel, components from the GNU project, KDE project and few components from GNOME project and many other components. SuperX focuses on simplicity and user-friendliness. SuperX comes with an out-of-the-box experience, automatically configured. The user can focus on his work rather than messing with complex underlying Linux system, trying to setup the ideal environment for his daily work.

SuperX comes with what is required for day-to-day activities and for unique purposes, additional applications can easily be installed. GUI configuration utilities are officially provided, and most system configuration is performed from the GUI itself and not by editing complex configuration files like many other Linux-based systems.

SuperX does not follow a release model, as of now. SuperX strives be to stable yet bleeding edge, and typically offers the latest stable versions of most applications.


SuperX was first developed in Guwahati, the capital city of Assam in India by Wrix when he was in eighth standard in K.V Maligaon high school in the year of 2007. Later after completing high school, Wrix dropped-out to complete SuperX, working alone day and night. Wrix hopes to continue his formal education as SuperX becomes sustainable.

Its first formal release, SuperX v1, was on April 24, 2011. Although it was only made available to selected persons. Later on October 8, 2011, SuperX v1 was made available to the public as a free download. SuperX v1.1 "Cassini" is the 2nd release of SuperX.

Our Goals

  • To make the most user-friendly desktop ever. We focus on the idea that a desktop system should be like a generic mobile phone, with fewer options in the front, but power house in the bottom.
  • To translate to every possible language in the world so that people from any linguistic community is not left behind in the digital age. We focus on bringing young blood to open source.
  • Motivate children and youth towards Open source. and Free Software. We believe that motivation is power, and a motivated person can do anything.
  • Embracing KDE. We want to make SuperX the best KDE implementation ever!


  • To use SuperX as per needs, without any technical knowledge of the underlying Linux system.
  • A fully-capable operating system.
  • To study a component of SuperX, how it works and adapt it to your needs without any additional cost.
  • To improve components of SuperX and release your improvements to the public, so that everyone benefits.
  • No Digital Restrictions Management.
  • To adapt Free and Open Source Software, without losing productivity.
  • To learn and use SuperX in your own language; no foreign languages to learn for using SuperX.

Get in touch

SuperX is a fairly recent project. Compared to the larger giants, we are still small. And as such, we do have our own share of problems, bugs and faults. If you're faced with any errors while using SuperX, or just want to help us with your valuable suggestions (or constructive criticism).
mail us at: info@technosunz.net

SuperX v1.1 "Cassini" LTS is out! You can download "Cassini"
MD5 Hash: dee326d7bbaca6d46dc67c3076a368cf

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