Senin, 26 November 2012

Some One Is Tracking You !


When you search Google,


So don't get tracked when searching.

Use DuckDuckGo instead.  Add to Browser.

Privacy is just one of many reasons why it's awesome.

 Google tracks you, we don't 

For maximum protection, use these apps too:

Abine DoNotTrack+. IE | Safari | Firefox | Chrome
Adblock Plus Blocks ads. Firefox | Chrome
AdBlock Blocks ads. Safari | Chrome | Opera
AdSweep Blocks ads. Opera | Chrome
Beef Taco No ad network tracking. Firefox
Disconnect No tracking from major sites. Chrome | Safari
HTTPS Everywhere No tracking between you and sites. Firefox | Chrome
Tor No tracking by being anonymous. Bundle (includes Firefox)
Ghostery No third-party tracking. IE | Safari | Chrome | Firefox | Opera
RequestPolicy Manage third-party tracking. Firefox
RefControl Manage what gets sent to sites. Firefox
BetterPrivacy No tracking from Flash. Firefox | Others
NoScript Blocks JavaScript. Firefox
JavaScript Blocker Blocks JavaScript. Safari
ScriptNo Blocks JavaScript. Chrome
NotScripts Blocks JavaScript. Opera | Chrome

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