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What is Parabola GNU/Linux?

Parabola GNU/Linux is a libre software project aiming to provide a fully free as in freedom distribution based on the packages of the Archlinux distribution, with packages optimized for i686, x86_64, and Loongson 2F (mips64el) CPUs. Parabola aims to keep its package and management tools simple. The primary goal is to give the user complete control over their system with 100% Libre software. Parabola is listed by the Free Software Foundation as a fully free software distribution.
Development is focused on a balance of simplicity, elegance, code-correctness and bleeding edge free software.
Its lightweight and simple design makes it easy to extend and mold into whatever kind of system you're building.



News: New install medium 2012.10.17

There is a new install medium available created by Esteban Carnevale (alfplayer). We plan to release new installation media monthly.
The live system can be downloaded from Download and be used for new installs or as a rescue system.
We have updated packages, fixed bugs and done the following visible changes:
  • First medium with Linux-libre 3.6 (3.6.2) with Atheros AR8162 (ALX driver) support, reported on issue201.
  • The script boot parameter works again, reported on Archlinux Bugs.
  • When booting via PXE and NFS or NBD the ISO will be copied to RAM to ensure a more stable usage.
  • The live medium contains usb_modeswitch and wvdial which e.g. allows to establish a network connection using an UMTS USB dongle.
  • Furthermore the newest version of systemd and netcfg are included.
  • systemd is used to boot up the live system.
  • initscripts are no longer available on the live system but are still installed by default on the target system. This is likely to change in the near future.
  • EFI boot and setup has been simplified.
  • gummiboot is used to display a menu on EFI systems.
  • The following new packages are available on the live system: ethtool, fsarchiver, gummiboot-efi, mc, partclone, partimage, refind-efi, rfkill, sudo, testdisk, wget, xl2tpd.

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