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Linux Deepin 12.06 Final Release Out !


Linux Deepin is one of the most active Linux distributions in China. The developers of LD endeavour to provide its users with an operating system of high stability and efficiency, in order to fulfil our goal to "Keep newbies free from pain and save time for the experts". With the efforts from both the community and the company that work behind the project, LD is becoming easier to use every day. We would like to say thanks to all of you who join us and support us. Please follow our blog ( ). Linux Deepin is released twice a year. Last major release was Linux Deepin 11.12.


Deepin Gnome Shell

Deepin Gnome Shell is a desktop environment based on the native Gnome Shell. It has been tweaked by the Deepin developers.

New plugins

In Linux Deepin 12.06, three new plugins are added:
  • Hide Message Tray: As the name indicates, it can hide the Message Tray.
  • Kimpanel: Enables users to search in Gnome Shell for applications, files or contacts.
  • Panel Settings: Lets users decide where the panel should be (top/bottom) and whether it should autohide.

Enhanced message indicator

The message indicator of Gnome Shell is replaced by one from Ubuntu, placed at the right-top corner of the screen.

Other enhancements include:
  • Deepin Dock: Application groups; instant preview; Closing applications Traditional system tray
  • Better mouse experience: Application groups and workspace is placed on the left.
  • Integrated searching engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, making it easier for you to search under Gnome Shell.
  • Enhanced working space navigating

System improvement

  • Fixed the bug of .zip file garbled name
  • Starting Gnome Shell with special effects is now supported on VirtualBox 4.1.6/VMWare 8.0.3/8.0.4.
  • Read/Write support of exFAT file system.
  • More hardware drivers integrated
  • More fonts preinstalled to provide better CJK display
  • Gnome Fallback mode now features a system tray.
  • Opening plain text from other systems without errors.
  • The Linux Deepin version of WUBI - DeepWin lets you install Linux Deepin under Windows.

  • The latest official AMD graphic drivers (fglrx) contain bugs with 2D rendering, so the background of Deepin UI is unable to display normally. For this reason, we have disabled fglrx in Jockey-gtk. If you still wish to install fglrx, you may search for it in Deepin Software Center.
  • If a bug with flash occurs, you may remove its incorrect config files by running
    sudo rm ~/.pulse*

Featured applications

This version of Linux Deepin is the first stable version to ship with Deepin Music Player and Deepin Media Player.

Deepin Music Player

Deepin Music Player is designed for Linux users. It is free software licensed under GNU GPLv3. The current version is 1.0.

Deepin Music Player features
  • Playlists
  • Equalizer
  • Music management
  • Auto-download album covers and artist pictures
  • Simple/normal mode of interface
  • Lyric searching with multiple engines
  • Desktop/window mode of lyric display
  • Local file searching
  • Theme selection support Common formats supported
  • Other: Player history, crossfade, system tray, hotkeys

Deepin Media Player

Deepin Media Player is a frontend of MPlayer2, featuring:

  • Theme selection
  • Most common formats support
  • Screenshots
  • Video preview
  • Auto-searching and downloading titles
  • Online playback. Just enter the URL of the video.

Other featured applications include Deepin Screenshot tool and Deepin Software Center

Deepin Screenshot: a lightware screenshot tool
  • Automatic window identification
  • Selection of area
  • Editing screenshots
  • Saving to clipboard
  • Delayed shots

Deepin Software Center features:
  • One-click install/upgrade/uninstall software
  • Integrated update manager
  • Score/comments on software
  • Software Searching
  • Theme selecting
Linux Deepin 12.06 is still packed with Deepin Software Center 2.0, which is the same as Linux Deepin 11.12. The Deepin Software Center 3.0 will be released in the coming release 12.06.1. At the same time, the user manual is updated to 2.0, supporting the English language and Simplified/Traditional Chinese.

Development related: Deepin UI graphic libraries

Since Linux Deepin 12.06, the Deepin UI will be preinstalled. The Deepin UI can be applied to develop easy-to-use Linux applications, giving a boost to desktop development. Deepin UI enables a developer to
  • Manage the layout of applications the way he wishes, instead of restriced by the layouts of GTK+.
  • Build a theme-selecting engine which is fast and easy to use. Instead of piecing pictures together to build a theme, one may build a theme with the engine by selecting one simple picture.
  • Use a variety of widgets and graphic effects that are ships with Deepin UI.
  • Use a variety of application modules, so one does not need to waste time on such things as dragging window, rounded corner, Gaussian blur, gradient effect, compelling windows and keystroke identification.
Deepin Music Player and Deepin Media Player are applications built with Deepin UI.


Desktop backgrounds

Linux Deepin 12.06 ships with 8 pictures as desktop background.

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