Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Absolute 14.0 released


 Just Released, I burnt A copy Right away to Test it out...... So far it works Nice This is an operating system that I must have.  And keep it Installed In one of my computer  and customize it, to my needs. 

Coincides with the Slackware 14.0 release, keeping in step with libraries, toolchain and basic apps. Absolute has moved away from udisks to use the lighter spacefm file manager, which takes advantage of native kernel polling. So as always, Absolute will run fast on modest hardware. Network manager is taking care of internet connections by default. Java and multimedia add-ons need to be installed (via system tools, as root) post-installation.

Chrome browser is now the default (taking the place of chromium and/or firefox.) I distribute the browser with several plugins and the Chrome browser comes with a more up-to-date flash release than what is available as a generic plugin for Linux machines. If you install the firefox browser (from Extra/internet) you might want the flash plugin package located there as well. Last note about the browser -- I had briefly switched to Firefox as the Absolute default, but a couple "hang-ups" made me switch back to the Google app. Sorry about any confusion. I just like to use whatever works best.

About Absolute Linux

  • Is a modification of Slackware

  • Fast, stay-out-of-your-way desktop. No Gnome or KDE. Uses well integrated collection of the best lightweight software to give you most of the things the "big desktops" give you, only at at much, much faster pace.

  • The software folks use on a desktop: Firefox, OpenOffice, Pidgin chat, GIMP image editor, WPClipart, Thunderbird mail, K3B CD/DVD burning, Frostwire P2P, Deluge BitTorrent, 2 dictionaries, a bunch of games -- basically any of the latest, most popular Open Source software.

  • Many script utilities (with friendly little GUIs) to make configuration and maintenance of system easier and still allows manual (text-file based) configuration, if desired.

  • Package compatible with Slackware minor versions. (ex. Absolute 12.2 -> Slackware-12.2), with a few exceptions: kernel packages, KDE-libs, madwifi, ndiswrapper, svga-helper, a/etc.

  • Root user can install software or set system configurations. That's it. Perfect for parents and IT guys. If you want to do something root user is allowed to do, log in as root. That's what the account is for.
I hope you Download a Copy and Enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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