Jumat, 21 September 2012

Manjaro 0.8.1 XFCE edition released

What is Manjaro Linux?

Manjaro Linux is a Linux Distribution based on well tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and will be 100% compatible with Arch. We manage our repository with our own developed tool called BoxIt which is designed like git.
Our aim is to create a light Linux distribution which is simple, Up to date, Fast, User friendly and which follows the K.I.S.S principle. We are using the Xfce Desktop Environment, Which is lightweight but powerful. Arch Linux is a great GNU Linux distribution, but installation and configuration requires time and experience.
This means for our users, They still have a rolling release but not so fast as Arch-Linux might be. AUR is still usable and you have all features you know from Arch Linux. This way we provide a stable system which is still up to date.
Manjaro Linux provides a more user friendly installation process, Bash scripts for managing graphic drivers, Pre-configured Xfce with some useful extras and a GUI Settings Manager is also under development. But if the Xfce desktop environment is not what you prefer, We are pleased to announce that we have also begun development of both KDE and GNOME versions of Manjaro Linux. Once complete, We will have a full suite of Manjaro Linux versions available to suit all types of Linux users. ;)
Another feature will be our hardware detection. A well known problem is libgl and it’s conflicts with catalyst and nvidia packages. We packed libgl and all proprietary drivers in a different way and manage with mhwd to symlink to the right needed so files. This enables us to support hybrid cards like Nvidia’s optimus system in a simple way. Mhwd can also install all drivers using a database and multiple kernel versions to your system.
To pack this all up we provide live-cds in 3 different flavours:
  • XFCE will be our main desktop released as a CD-Edition to build your desktop on
  • Cinnamon / Gnome is shipped as a DVD-Edition with common used applications
  • last but not least we have also a KDE DVD-Edition featuring all from K3B to Calligra
The Folks at manjaro also did some extra homework and added the fallowing......Check it out!

Enhancements to point out
  • We updated to linux 3.5-series
  • MHWD got better hybrid card support and Optimus works on more card combinations. Some bugs also have been fixed.
  • Our CLI-Installer got improved.
  • A patched LXDM replaces LightDM with a complete new Manjaro theme.
  • Syslinux got a new layout and got translated to followed languages: Argentinian, Brazilian Portuguese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.
  • Followed languages we fully support now: American English, Belarusian, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Deutsch, Espanol, Espanol (Argentina), Francais, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • XFCE edition get’s shipped on a DVD with more apps and printer-support out of the box.
  • We added some more support to start Manjaro easier from your USB-Stick
  • Development packages for AUR got added including packer and yaourt
  • All translation-packages get installed during startup and our installer
  • A new drivers-overlay starts our LiveDVD faster
  • Small package updates to fix reported bugs
  • Lot’s of bugfixes since our 0.8.0 release

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